Product Description:

this is an outrunner brushless motor which uses motor can be low KV, large torque and direct drive. its accessories include: packet,prop, adapter, mounting seat. the two covers of the motor are made with slot to conduct the wind and cool off the motor. this design has been granted a patent. 

Product Scope:

Since this is a high-power and high-thrust brushless motor been widely used in large-scale UAV,  This motor can significantly improve UAV's payload, in other words the UAV can Loaded Large-capacity of Batteries,  making the UAV flight time been extended,  when the motor is used for large-scale multi-axis UAV, its payload and flight time is longer,  At present, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle on the market is still blank. So,  this motor for Application in long-endurance UAV prospect is great !   
 This motor can also be used for paragliding and paramotor.
  you will to explore more applications to be discovered !    
The spec as following:  
MOTOR: MP15470
KV: 27
NO LOAD CURRENT(20v testing voltage): 0.9A
RESISTANCE (mOhm): .94
SIZE: 154 x 69.5( without shaft )
Stator: 135*35mm
WEIGHT (kg):3.5
SHAFT: 15mm Accessory pack: Yes

Note Befor Order:

1. Please read seriously this motor data  before ordering , if there is any questions, please send a message to inquire

2. When you order and pay for your order, the factory will begin production of motors you order, The order contract take effect immediately,  the production period is about 7 days,  Please be patient for us to deliver.

3. If your order is get confirmed, you can not breach of contract  to cancel the order. 

4. To run this  motor requires with a ESC and controller ,  you need extra to buy  ESC and controller in the markets.  your order does not include ESC and controller. 

5. The 15470 motor kv=27

6. Wished your project Be successful.


To run this motor You need to buy extra the following  parts:

1,  30S/400A ESC (Electronic speed controller

2, More than 6 channel radio remote control and receiver.

3, 30S high-power lithium battery

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15470 Brushless Drone Motor, 35 kw brushless motor

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